finding a niche
My question is what does finding your niche mean?

People have often told me I need to find my niche. I know that it kinda means something that you are good at or have a talent for, but I want an explanation of this, please help, theyve told me this because of the many interests I have.

It means that you need to find where you fit. Getting the things in your life that you like to do and love to do, and making that work for you. Whether as a hobby, in help with finding friends, mates, a job…. It’s kinda like finding the door to life that your key (you) can open.

MOST IMPORTANTLY… NEVER let anyone tell YOU that THIS or THAT is what you should do. Do what makes you happy. If you find a job, and you are happy, then live and enjoy.

If you find a job and you are NOT happy, look again.

If you find a job and you are happy, but over time you lose your contentness with the job/people you work with, begin the search again.

Niche Marketing: Finding Hungry Buyers

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