With all of the opportunities available to work at home, it may be difficult to separate the legitimate work at home jobs from the scams that proliferate on the internet. Arriving in email boxes almost daily and in pop up ads on many popular sites, the scams are offered more often than the legitimate work at home jobs and it can be difficult to know which is which. Think about finding legitimate work at home jobs in the same way you would look for a traditional job.
If you were going to be charged for filling out a job application, most likely you would refuse to fill it out. If you were told as soon as you were properly trained, by the company at your own expense, the company will tell you what the job entails and if you get it, you would probably walk out the door. Work at home jobs found on the internet should be treated no different. If a company wants you to pay, regardless of the amount, before divulging any information about what you would be asked to do and for whom, it is probably not a legitimate opportunity.
If they require you spend money on pieces, parts and equipment before revealing information on what you will be doing and what companies are your potential customers, it is most likely a scam. Regardless of the promise for riches, do not allow yourself to be drawn into programs that require you to recruit a certain number of people before you start getting paid for your work. One company promises a 40 percent profit on all goods sold from your website but unless you have at least two other people working under you, then you do not qualify for the commission.
Of course, they may not tell you this until you have paid a small fee to join their franchise program. Before you accept any jobs working from home, find out if there are going to be any fees. Some fees are justified and almost expected but know exactly what you are going to get for the money you spend. If you are buying products, find out the return policy and if you are paying for a service, find out the qualifications of the person or company offering the service.
Legitimate work at home jobs are out there but do your home work before applying for one. Asking experts can also pose an opportunity as the so called experts will offer six differing views on the same situation or company. Contact a real person who has done work for the company previously and has an unbiased opinion of the opportunity, to best learn if the work at home job is legitimate.

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