What is a niche market?
A niche market is a focused, targetable portion of a market. You can’t sell to the whole world! The market is too big, too wide, too general and too many competition.
Your Ideal Niche Market should be :1. You already have a lot of knowledge of the market.
While you can succeed in a market by learning about it while marketing to it, it is very difficult and will slow you down greatly. An “ideal” market will be one that you are already an expert in.2. There is some good competition in the market.
If there is no competition then there is most likely no demand. That means you will have a very hard time even getting the attention of those in that market. It will take more time and effort to create a demand for a product. We want to find a ready market where active buyers are seeking for the product.3. The market is not too large.
If your market includes every North American, or every male, or every golf player, then it is probably too large. You need to make it small enough so that the really big companies will not even bother.
Later on once you have “conquered” that market you can expand into others, eventually growing into a multi-million dollar organization.4. The market is not too small.
Make sure there are enough people in the market to sustain your efforts!
If you are marketing to left-handed red-headed women golfers who have problems with using their sand wedge you are probably thinking too small!5. You should have passion for the market.
You must have a passion for the market you are going into. When you show passion others that you are marketing to will feel that and will trust you far easier.
A market of your passion also means that you should know where this group of people will go to look for the information or products that they want. These means it is easier for you to target them and also means you will not be running out of topics to write about.
Once you pick a targeted market, you need to take time to find out what is it that they are looking for.
The way to do this type of market research for free is to read in forums and newsgroups. You won’t even have to be involved in the discussion. Just pay attention to the posts people make on what types of things they want.
Then, when you see that something keeps coming up time and time again, you’ve got it. That’s the product a reachable niche market want. (You should have a solution if you love this subject. Or, at least you enjoy surfing around for the answer.)
Once you have found your niche, then develop a product that they are in need of or you can find a affiliate product to promote to these group of market.

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