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I need a web designer for my eBooks, where do I find one?

I do not have money to hire one, but I would be willing to split commissions. The ebooks need to be sold on Clickbank.
5 ebooks are niche market books which will be ready to sell before summer’s end. One book is almost ready, so I would like to get it started quickly.
The niche books are targeting certain business opportunities, that help those people advertise their businesses specifically.
The ones I plan to write after those 5 are on various subjects. Roulette, Health & Wealth, and some others.

A great free resources in Also, if you use Yahoo or Google you can search for a list of firms. is a good resource for finding short-term pay help too. And finally, my best suggestion is to post a flyer on a college campus – you’ll find lots of students with the proper knowledge.

Tim Knox Tells How To Find A Hot Niche Market

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