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When writing a Article, Is it better to use keywords from my niche/market or keywords from your website?

I have a website,I m trying to rank high and gain traffic. Google Adword lets u find keywords or phrase from my website.Should I put those keywords and phrase in my article or should I use the keywords from my Target audience that are typing in this keywords on google in to my Article

You can use your targeted keywords an article writing it would be better for your web site traffic into on niche web market and you can pick some good keywords from major search engines, which is related to your business.

An article you need to fallow some rules and regulation

* Title should be in 50 – 60 Characters in this title you can use target keywords as well.
* Summary: (2-3 sentences or 200-300 Characters)
* Article Body: 400 – 500 Words, here insert you need to maintain 2-3% keywords density
* Give one or two links the help of keyword.

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Naidu P.

How to Find a Niche – Niche Market Research Tips

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