The origin of the word niche is from an ecological perspective, how a species finds a place where they can not just survive but thrive. The same goes for you and your niche. Being a whale in a pond isn’t much use but nor is being a stickleback in the ocean. Marketing is all about finding the right customers for the product. When you pick a product and market it to a select group of people, you will have more success than promoting the same product to a generic ‘everyone’.Here are some Niche Marketing Examples.
What you eventually choose as a niche market should be something you enjoy doing. It’s hard to think of exiting things to say about cheese if you’re constantly on a low fat diet. Alternatively someone who loves cheese can talk for hours about the various types. What country they come from and the techniques that are used to make them, these topics come easily. A niche site does well when it can provide information of true value. With a physical product such as cheese this is quite easy to do.Selecting Which Information to Display
When you are dealing with an information product however it can be more difficult to create a good content site without giving all your secrets away for free. You need to show people that you know what you’re talking about while holding back enough so they’ll feel the need to pay for it.
Try to pick a niche where there are both types of products and the more products you can fit inside your niche the better off you are for creating good content.This brings a range of interesting information that will allow people to browse for a while.Example 1 : Tiling
Let’s suggest tiling for an example. I would imagine this to be a good niche to create an Adsense site around. Advertisers that supply expensive Italian tiles can have their ads placed well. Ceramic glues and grout suppliers will want to advertise there. Makers of tile cutting tools will want to show an ad for their products.
You can easily pad out content by talking about history and geography as it relates to tiles. You can sell home decorating books and do it yourself books while still giving some basic information specific to setting tiles that will be helpful. You could compare different techniques about how to lay tiles on a floor with a cement base versus laying tiles onto a wooden base. You can give tips on how to glue a wall tile on and the use of spacers.
An article page on how to cut a tile showing them how to curve a cut around a pipe may lead to someone realizing they don’t have a grinder and they need one. If you have Adsense on such a page advertising grinders you may get lucky with a click or lead. If there’s a company offering a coupon or bonus for their tools you can display their pictures and an affiliate link.Example 2 : Budgeting
Wherever there is money there is a niche. I found in the bookshop endless shelves and choices for books about how to handle superannuation but a real dearth on how to budget successfully on a small income. Living within one’s means may not be exiting but its restful to know you can pay the bills.
In such a niche you could look for free calculation software, you could make up excel spreadsheets and shopping lists, you could include viral shopping vouchers and if you’ve ever managed to budget successfully yourself, you could write a book on it. I certainly got asked a lot for books on how to budget but its possible these customers may not be people who can afford the internet so it may not be a profitable niche.
Make sure to research a niche for profitability before you commit much time to building a site around it. Your time is too precious to waste.Example 3 : The Niche Market
Groups of People with a Similar Problem are a Niche
The last of our niche marketing examples is about people. A niche can just as easily be based around a group of people as it can be around a single topic. Rather than concentrate on the huge topic of childcare, concentrate a site around grandparents left to look after kids, or one just on single fathers dealing with toddler issues.
Issues are Just as Important a Niche as People.
Children trying to cope with the death of a parent and counseling services. The emotions adults feel when they start looking for children they gave away for adoption or those now grown adoptees who are looking for their genetic parents and private detectives. Sudden illness in a family and insurance. Remember your role is to match a product to a market.
To monetize your niche all you need to do is find an expert. You don’t have to be one. Any decent researcher can find enough solid content for a site, so long as they feel strongly enough about its topic. Look at it just as you would a school project. You find information, you find some pictures, you list your resources and you link to products. Link to the expert products or services that you feel will give the best information.
You are the middle man, the matchmaker. Don’t think of it as selling so much as enabling people to find what they are looking for. By promoting products from experts who can help people solve problems you are providing a service to both the reader and the merchant. And you make a living.

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