Identity theft, Credit card fraud, Internet scams, if you listen to the news, you’ve heard those phrases. Alternately, you’ve seen the ads promising that if you just do what this website says, and please read the fine print about mortgaging your home and selling your children to a slave ring, you too can make ten million dollars. It’s enough to make anybody who has been thinking about trying their hand at a home business making money online have second thoughts.A gentleman named Stone Evans had the same worries you’re having. He was interested in internet marketing and other ways of making money online but couldn’t seem to find a way past all the scams. So for three years, he researched a variety of ways to make money online and came up with a way that actually works that he is passing onto others. He is one of the many who has figured out how to make money online. No matter what you’ve thought of doing to make money online, the old ways are still the best. In this case, simply transfer what you see in any town or city, businesses that sell needed products or services, and put it online. Affiliate programs, in other words, taking what somebody else is selling, and then reselling it yourself at a profit, are a good way to make money online via internet marketing.Using a web site, it’s easy to use affiliate programs and start your own home business. Reputable companies use your site to make money of their own. The premise of this type of internet marketing is simple -they put their ads on your web site. Details on how to set up a web site for this can be found at When somebody clicks on their ad, they’re redirected and if they buy the product, you make a commission. It’s their choice to click on the ad link, thus they don’t feel harassed by a pushy salesperson. They get the product needed; you get a share of the profits.You may be thinking it sounds simplistic. In the case of affiliate programs, it truly is simple. Nobody, who is being truthful, is going to tell you that next month you can quit your day job, but the possibility of being able to make a living via internet marketing is very real. Do some searching, ask questions; don’t just take my word for it. You may find that if you put some effort into it, there really is a pot of gold at the end of the internet rainbow.

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