Did you know that almost 60% of internet marketing adopts some kind of online niche marketing strategy? This is why online niche marketing has taken the internet by storm and will continue to do so for a long time to come. It has everything to do with the psychology of how people search the internet.

Here is a simple illustration. When you need to search information or data from the internet, you would probably google the specific key terms that you are interested in finding out more. You would get a list of articles in the internet which contains your specific term and you run through the list. You probably would not run through the entire exhaustive list but choose to research the first 2 – 3 pages of listing for the information you need.

Search behavior in the internet has re-defined how internet marketers provide their product offerings in the internet. They niche their products by very focused target segmentation, and provide specifically what people want. The benefit of online or internet niche marketing to the internet user is that this approach reduces user search frustration, enhances efficiency in the user search process, and directs the user to exactly what he or she wants, be it information, products or services. To the internet marketers, their online niche product offerings move much faster comparative to a mass marketing concept.

The approach adopted by the online niche marketer to target his or her market is a very focused and disciplined strategy. With a product or a portfolio of product offering on hand, and assuming that there is sufficient market demand, the online niche marketer would actively research on keyword search in the internet. This is to find out the specific key terms related to the product offerings, the nature of the products, and all relevant related search terms. The internet marketer then creates his website and all his marketing materials based on the core and related search terms in order that users who search the internet would be able to find his website and products directly and easily. Of course, this is a simplified version of the efforts that goes into creating your successful online niche marketing.

The more focused and niche targeted the online niche marketing content, the more relevant the content is to the user, and yields better results. Dominating page 1 to 2 of your related niche in google search is important as this gives you a greater exposure and chance of being found on the internet. Hence, for online niche marketing, the internet approach “Less is More” often than not, is usually more lucrative to the internet marketer.

This is the very fundamental reason why online niche marketing is so powerful and is also why unless you are providing a mall concept whereby you have a very wide range of products to sell in the internet, you would probably be well advised to adopt the online niche marketing business model in internet marketing.

So remember the Online Niche Marketing business model – Less Is More.

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