Do you understand what your niche market is? Do you know how to target your best prospects?
You often hear people talk about niche marketing, but are you entirely sure what your niche market is. You have to determine who is in the greatest NEED of your product or service.
Why would you have to know your niche Market? Well think about it, you want to get your advertising out to the people that would benefit and might be interested in your product or service.
If you are selling golf equipment you probably don’t want to advertise to pet owners looking for dog training items. You would want to focus your attention on someone who needs a
lighter club or wants the best balls for better accuracy.
What is the age range of your customer or business partners that you are trying to attract? Is your target audience anyone or is it geared to a specific age group, moms with kids, retired people,
or maybe the baby boomer generation.
You also need to know the demographics of your niche market. What countries or area of you countries that you are able to do business in determines this? Getting to know more about the population and income levels of you market will help have you to better placement of your advertising.
Once you have your niche market understood you can create advertising that is focused on the your best target market. This saves time and money and helps you get the best conversion rate of your advertising budget.
Do you have more than one niche market? That is entirely possible. Yes, even if it’s just for one product or service. Multi markets may be able to benefit from what you offer. To get the most benefit devote more time or money into your ideal target market and then follow with the next niche market. Always start with the largest group first.

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