Here is a question from Tony, one of our readers:
“Do you think Adsense-niche websites really work? In other words, do they bring in money when monetized with clickbank and other methods for monetization as compared to other ways of Internet marketing?”
First off all, yes, Google Adsense can make you quite a bit of change. In fact, it is how I started out in Internet marketing.
I created a website in a small niche market, updated it regularly, and placed Google Adsense ads on it.
I started making a whopping $7 per day!
However, after applying the techniques I learned in an e-book my earnings changed overnight to $30 per day, and eventually hit $100 per day (that’s around $3000 per month).
Considering I was in school full-time and working part-time (making about $20,000 per year), this was quite the profit to be making on a hobby!
Over the following few months I noticed my Adsense revenue going both up and down, and I started to make note as to why. I will share some of those observations here.
Before I get to that point, I want to talk a bit about the trend over the past couple of years to make “junk” Adsense websites (i.e. websites built only to get users to click on Adsense ads, and not really offering anything valuable).
I don’t believe in them. They may work for a short while, but in the long run these sites will lose everything.
And if you tick off Google, they’ll close your account with no warning and never open it again, thus killing your chances of revenue from this multi-billion dollar industry.
Instead, your goal should be to build quality websites that people actually want to come back to over and over again. This will ensure a steady flow of revenues, both from Adsense and from other affiliate programs that you use on your website.
Alright, let’s get to those observations now:
1. Great content = great Adsense revenue
Like I said before, junk websites will not give you the long term income that you are looking for. If you want return visitors (which equal to repeated clicks on ads), then you need to provide something valuable.
This should be in the form of great free content.
2. Regularly updated content = great Adsense revenue
Another important point is that your site needs to be constantly growing. This both attracts the search engines and your visitors.
Some people think that they can grab 1,000 PLR articles, load them on to their Adsense website, and then walk away.
However, search engines (and people) like sites that have useful content, but that also gets updated regularly, giving them a reason to come back over and over again.
3. Well placed ads = great Adsense revenue
This was my biggest mistake when I first started.
There are dozens of tips for placing ads that I won’t get into here right now. I will give you one tip that is probably the most important – don’t use borders! You should make the ad border color the same as the background color.
The main reason for this is that you don’t want your ad to look like an ad. You want it to blend in with your site. This way people will still look at it, and click on links if they are interested.
4. Including an opt-in box = great Adsense revenues
My last tip for this article is to include an opt-in box on every page of your niche Adsense website. This way you can capture as many return visitors as possible.
Whenever you post new content on your website, you can email your growing list about that content and instantly gain more visitors to your website for the next couple of days.
This is the perfect way to “recycle” traffic and earn even more Adsense revenue.
Have fun building your Adsense websites!

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