If you have already discovered the potential for making money online then you are about to uncover the fact that there is even more power and money to be had in smaller, niche markets.

Competition is everywhere and trying to compete in the largest markets online – including the ‘internet marketing’ niche – is not always the smartest way to go.

The smartest internet marketers are finding tight, niche markets and earning the respect and loyalty of the prospects and buyers in this niche. This is not only a great idea but is a practical strategy for a stable and long-term business.

Dominating a niche market can bring all year round income even in seasonal markets like ‘holidaying’. Earn the kudos of your customers and they will be willing to buy from you no matter what time of the year – as long as they have a genuine interest in your chosen market. A keen traveller will always be interested in information regarding this topic. It’s your job to earn their loyalty.

If you can build an email list, or better still a community made up of those interested in your niche then you have come into possession of an absolute goldmine. Again, this will be so once you have built a little trust within this market. These will become customers that you can sell to time and time again, once you become a familiar part of your customers lives. Adding a little personality to your contact with them will pay off no end.

People with particular interests are renowned for buying everything on the market related to their topic of interest. Try to find a unique way to sell to your prospective buyers and current customers.

Find out all you can about the people in your niche and particularly those on your customer list. Everyone loves a good listener and if you can listen to their needs and provide for them then you have a customer for life. It’s common sense really!

Another powerful aspect of dominating a niche – along with customer loyalty – is that your loyal followers will spread the word about your service to their friends and online acquaintances. This will bring more profit to your business, without any further effort on your part.

You will quickly leave your competition behind unless they too realize that earning the love and respect of your niche community is a sure way to increased profits and an unstoppable internet business.

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