(This article is the 2nd  Part of a series of articles of the author Veena Furtado’s 2nd  forthcoming Book/EBook – “How To Make Money Online With Veena Furtado”. “How To Make Money Online With Veena Furtado” is a worldwide protected publication of © Copyright Veena Furtado and www.veenamakesmoneyonline.com )“Instead of thinking about where you are, think about where you want to be. It takes twenty years of hard work to become an overnight success.” – Diana RankinOne of the best ways possible for you to market your product, service or web sites over the internet and make money online is with content.  Content comes in many forms, but one of the most popular forms of content is articles.Article content is extremely important for web developers to earn making money online.  A web developer’s main goal is to get as many visitors to his or her web site in order for them to buy products or view advertising of their online money making opportunities.  Without content, search engines will not rank your web site high in the indexes and you will lose valuable amounts of traffic.  If you are looking to draw as many visitors to your web site and earn cash making money online – you need content.  Content can be very time consuming and costly to produce.  You canspend hours writing a handful of articles or pay hundreds of dollars to a professional writer.  Because content is so valuable, many web developers look for free alternatives in their efforts to make money at home online.  One of the best ways to receive free content is by using article distribution sites.  Article distribution sites have many articles available, however these article can never be edited and have a link pointing back to their original web site.  If you are comfortable with these two restrictions, article distribution sites are perfect for web developers that need content to make money working online.If you are a writer, creating a few articles for article distribution sites can be the perfect way to advertise your web site and products and make money on line.If you write 5 articles and post them on a dozen article distribution sites, you can possibly have your articles posted on hundreds of websites and viewed by thousands of people helping you earn money online.  And remember all of these articles have a link back to your web site, so they can easily click your hypertext link and visit your site personally.  If you are looking for a great way to advertise or just need lots of free content, take a look at  article distribution sites, it will help you tremendously in your efforts to earn money on internet,.If you want to me to help you make money at home online and set up and run your very own successful legitimate making money online home business -  with HELP – EVERY SINGLE STEP OF THE WAY… just visit my website (see link given below) and take a look.You will not regret it. I promise!Best Wishes.Veena FurtadoInternet Business Developer Team Trainer/Coach/Mentor/Friendhttp://www.veenamakesmoneyonline.com/newsandmentoring.html

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