The advent of the internet has ushered in a number of clerical jobs that allow you to work from the comfort of your home. However, it is crucial to first identify and develop a career plan, on the basis of your interests. Without a concrete plan, all your attempts could end up without direction and disorganized. You could consider a short-term or long term career plan for clerical work from home jobs that you can take up.
The work that you want to take up could be content writing, book keeping and accountancy, playing agent to a freight factoring company, medical transcription or even web designing. Depending on your preference you would have to conduct a thorough analysis of your present and targeted lifestyle against the career option that you are planning to pursue. You also need to analyze your weaknesses and strengths in terms of experience, talents and technical knowledge if any, with respect to your desired career.
The clerical work from home jobs that you can take up could be book keeping for one or many companies, if you are good with accounts and have experience in that field. The work would be sent to you daily or weekly and you are expected to help the in house team in the tally of accounts. You could also pursue a career in content writing, where, if you have a flair for writing, you can fully express your creativity and passion for writing. Similar to the work from book keeping, your work would be sent daily or on the basis of a pre determined target.
You must take a career assessment test to identify the right clerical work from home jobs that you can take up. Most personality tests are available online and while some are free others are fee based. These tests are an excellent way for getting an indication about the right career to pursue. You should also try learning about the different options open to you, the nature of work involved, earning potential and the educational or technical requirements.
Another great clerical work from home job that you can consider taking up is designing review books related to specific careers. Your resource could be the local library for content on such books/reading material and you can use your network of contacts, like friends, relatives, family, peers, neighbors, teachers, and others to get information about potential careers. You may be surprised at the information you can unearth and put to good use.
Online research for web designing and content is yet another avenue open as a potential clerical work from home job that you can take up. You can go through various job sites and look for directions towards the careers that you may not have considered simply because you probably had no idea that such openings existed! Dedicated research can help you to select a suitable clerical work from home job that you can take up.
You can also consider becoming an agent for a freight factoring company where your role in the freight factoring company would basically include calling up the company customers and convincing them to make timely payments. Finding the right clerical work from home job that you can take up would largely depend on your interest and passion for a particular vocation.

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