There are quite a number of people who have found out the key to earn money sitting at the coziness of their home. They need not go out of their home and struggle in the traffic to reach their workplace within time in order to keep a yelling boss away from them. They just sit in front of a computer managing their home based wok. Apparently there are not many hassles in managing these sorts working from home jobs. But there are concerns here as well.

The constant usage of computers, sitting at the same place and very little breaks can affect the user who is working from home. They might not sound that serious but they can become complicated enough to make the user suffer from health hazards like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This is often associated with the Repetitive Stress Syndrome are considered to be the most commonly found permanent problem that catches the home workers. Depending on the level of acuteness, this syndrome requires surgical treatment.

The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome attacks your hands and wrists with extreme severity. It gives a sense as though your hands are simply cut off from your body and passes an anesthetized feeling into them. This is named after the carpal tunnel that is there within the bone structure of your hands. When the nerves and ligaments passing through this structure get affected due to certain effects of using computers, they give rise to this syndrome. Gradually the carpal tunnel gets blocked and the numbness of the hands creeps in when you continue working from home on a computer.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is treated according to the acuteness level of the problem. Certain drugs and exercise can help those who are not in that bad a condition. But if the situation worsens, surgery is the only remedy for the patient. But as we all know prevention is better than cure. So make the computer desk as ergonomic as possible. Never arrange the hand rests at a higher position than the arm rests as you are working from home. Take breaks at regular intervals so that the hands get some rest from the stress of typing. Poor typing posture is also accountable fro this problem.

Now these simple exercises can work wonders in preventing this syndrome. Raise your arms and rotate them in the air and do the same with your wrists. This will give a good work out to your neck, upper back and shoulder as well. Always rest your hands on the desk so that it is not over stressed while working from home with a computer. This will release the tension and strain that burdens you after an entire day’s work. Make exercising a part of your daily routine. This will not only make your life easy but also provide you with better productivity.

So all of you, who are working from home, especially with a computer, keep an eye on your working postures and break frequencies so that you can utilize the money and time you are earning being at home.

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