by Jeff Brown
Frequently, rookie businessmen who have to do a lot of capital fund raising find themselves in a frantic search for the perfect solution to this perennial problem, especially when things don’t go their way. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula or perfect blend of strategies that will answer everybody’s needs, precisely because the requirements of each entrepreneur are different. Still, there some general tips that can be of benefit to everyone.

However, the real challenge with capital fund raising is on how it is efficiently done. Even with an easy way of acquiring funds using loans and other means of resources, there is still a great deal of responsibility and flair which is required to maximize and efficiently acquire the needed amount, not to mention the right amount at that.

There is great chunk of personal touch needed when aiming for the right capital fund raising amount. For instance, getting one’s loan approved or not depends on the manner of presentation of the lending proposal.

Even with set guidelines and procedures for loans, the prerogative of the approving agent is a personal choice. One thing which should be put in to mind is that there are no hard rules in business. It is always a combination of both science and art.

As we mentioned before, there is no set of rules for being successful at capital fund raising. It really is like an art; you have to get a feel for each situation you find yourself in and be able to adapt on the fly. Doing this right could mean the difference between getting approved and getting rejected for a loan at a bank or cooperative.

When one will speak of the art in capital fund raising they will surely mean the attitude and personal charm that one brings into the agreement. It will also mean the way one carries it self when they are presenting their case to the lending institutions.

In capital fund raising you are convincing lenders to invest in your business. Therefore the attitude that should prevail is your professionalism. Only during casual events will your more casual attitude come into play. There are times where your casualty will give you more leverage in getting extra favors.

Simply put, you should maintain a highly professional demeanor while still remaining highly personable and approachable. You’ll come across as not just a trustworthy partner, but also as a person they’ll genuinely enjoy doing business with. Also remember that adaptability and sensitivity are essential for good negotiations. Your capital fund raising average can only improve if you make people skills a priority.

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