Bum marketing was coined not too long ago, to describe marketing methods that use no money. Market campaigning on a shoestring budget, at least.

Making money, as an affiliate marketer, without having any money to spend, can be done, and is being done; a lot more than most people are aware of. This is straight forward, honest, without scamming, or pulling a rabbit from your browser, to distract the customer, while you pick his, or her pocket.

One of the topics I will cover today is, “niche” marketing. Rule number one of, “Bum Marketing” 101; find yourself a good niche market.

As a bum marketer, you cannot afford to pay Google a lot of money for keywords, to get on their first page. If you want first page on Google, then you will have to work for it. Find a product, that has a market, that is not being addressed. Find that niche, that hole, where the competition is low and there is a market for the product.

For example: there are a lot of people that silently suffer and are embarrassed because they sweat a lot. Heavy sweating is a medical condition, but also a general condition that many people lose control over. They try to cover this up by wearing dark clothing. Light and loose clothing. Using antiperspirants and staying away from the dance floor.

I went to Clickbank and found a product, “How To Stop Heavy Sweating In Less Than 2 Weeks.” This product is on the “hot new products” list and moving up. I know this because I went into Wealthy Affiliates and used their Clickbank tool, to see what was selling, and what wasn’t.

From here, I researched “heavy sweating”, “over perspiration”, etc. in Google’s search engine. I found this topic to be a niche market, something ready for a bum market.

The next step would be for someone to affiliate themselves with the product and market it by article writing, writing about it in topical forum listings, etc.

There are several products on the market for sale, that deal with finding the niche markets. You do not need to buy any lists, or ezines that have niche markets, or products. You can do this yourself, for free.

Your money would be better spent, being taught how to, instead of someone doing this for you. Then you would simply, know how to market.

Finding a niche to any market is not hard. Take pets. Many different pets. Narrow it down to dogs, Still, a lot of dogs. Narrow this down to breed of dogs. Now you are onto something. What breed of dog is hot right now? Let’s narrow this one down too. What breed of dog is hot right now, with women? Find this out and you have something to market that will make you some cold, hard cash!

I have another tip for you. Do not spend time, bum marketing something you are not familiar with and do not care about. It will turn into a hard sell for you to market.

You can get a lot more infomation about how to affiliate market, from this FREE, Internet Marketing Start-up Guide. Lots of tips, covering this subject matter.

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