There are two ways in building a niche store one of which is that you can add eBay listed products to a site that is already in existence through the tools that are contained inside the eBay affiliate centre. The other method is whereby you develop new site which has relevant eBay listed products that are in it. Build a niche store is meant to do the second method that of developing new sites so you can target niche market of your choice. By using the niche site builder you can develop your new site so that you can target a given niche market. Once you are established you now use the marketing strategies to connect with your target market who are visitors to your site and through the products and contents that are contained there so they can be directed onto eBay through your affiliate link.

The goal of using BANS is to connect people to genuine eBay products through your own niche. Once these people are connected to your link they then register as new eBay members and they start to make purchase so your site generates affiliate commission. What you have to do is to choose a niche in which to establish your affiliate store because product inventory is so wide. Once you have picked on your niche you can then build your basic site within the setup of your BANS admin panel. You can then develop you site depending on how wide your target niche is and the extent you plan to go.

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