Well let me explain.
Niche marketing is a process where you’ll find small but potentially profitable market segments and designing custom-made products to fill them.

What is a Niche Product?
A Niche Product is the product that is specifically designed to meet the needs of that special segment.
There are tons of eBooks which are related to “Creating Niche Products” or “Finding a Profitable Niche”
In this article we’ll cover what to do with niche products with reseller rights.
What you’ll find out is “How to make them more profitable”.

There are many niche products online with reseller rights some of them are also rebrandable.
But you have to understand that thousands of people have similar products and are trying to sell them online.
That’s why you have to make your version unique.
Here are some basic ideas you can use to make your product copy different and more profitable than the others.

1. Write A New Sales Copy
These niche products come with their sales pages most of the time and the other thousands of resellers are selling these products with the same sales copy.
If you want your own ebook copy to have a difference and stand out in the crowd you have to write a brand new sales page.

Most of the resellers do not have any idea what the product is all about.
They buy it or download it somewhere and they do not even double-click and check the content of the ebook. If you double click and see what’s in it you are one step away from thousands of resellers.

What you need to do is not really hard.
Just check out the ebook see what’s in it for the reader.
And write a sales copy and tell the target audience;
- what’s it about
- what they will find in the product
- how they will benefit from this product
- what’s in it for them
- how this product will change their lives
- what they should expect
- why they should buy this product

These are the main things a sales copy should include.
You have to come up with a great headline first.
Your headline should grab reader’s attention in a split second.
Did you know that just changing the headline can make your page more than 800% more profitable?
If you can grab the attention then make them read through the sales page.
You can do this with a sub headline and in the first paragraph of your sales page some copywriters use the “Stir Up The Pain” method.
In your first paragraph you can talk about what problems these targeted individuals have.
Unfortunately Copywriting is way too complicated to cover here.

2. Create new Graphics
I told you that there are thousands of people who are selling the same product that you have.
If you create a new sales page you have to create new graphics for this product to make it different than the others.
- Create new headline graphics
- Create new cover graphics
- Create new order buttons
- Create new background images

If you don’t know how to do it just go and learn how to do it. Creating images is really really important and if you are serious about online marketing you’re going to learn it somehow.
You can learn it free. There are bunch of free tools and tutorials online. It doesn’t have to be free. You’ll always get what you pay for. Once you learn how to create cover graphics or headline graphics you can apply your knowledge to everything you create or resell.

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