To dominate a niche you need to first fully understand exactly what a niche is. In the simplest terms a niche is a targeted portion of a market that you focus on. This means that a business that focuses on a niche market is creating a solution be it a needed product or service that is not being addressed by typical businesses. A niche market is in fact a narrowly defined group of potential consumers of your product or service.
A diverse niche market usually evolves when a possible need for a product or service is not met by any supplier, or when a new demand arises suitable to changes in the common market place, technology, or really, because of the internet, in the global perspective.
A niche marketing venture can become quite lucrative even though they are by nature small in contrast to the mainstream marketplace, suitable to the benefits of that product or services – specialization on small exclusive segments in that market.
Many good niche markets may be unnoticed or even discounted by big businesses due to what they consider to be small earnings potential. That attitude is the key ingredient in your niche determining process that makes the niche available to smaller home-based business owners.
The essential step needed to capitalizing on a niche market is to uncover or expand a market niche that has customers who are easily reached, that is growing fast, and that is not owned by one highly established supplier already.
It’s OK to have competition in the niche, and is becomes easy to really annihilate your competition because generally niche marketing requires consistent time effort and application of process. In other words you have to be committed to the project for the long term. You have to find what others who are dabbling in the niche are not willing to do and find a way to do it economically so that you can both build a reputation of delivering more and delivering on time with high quality.
When you find a niche where all the suppliers are marketing primarily the same product or service, or outdated product or service you’ll find that developing a unique and a more helpful product or service will literally allow you to steal that niche market within a few months, especially if you develop a product that your competition can use to make money with as an affiliate of your niche product.
A major key in the niche annihilation process is finding ways to have other people draw more people to you.
As the owner of your own product with affiliates, everything is funneled to you! That’s important. You get all the names and contact information to add to your niche list while others who are only affiliates interested in making a buck just funnel your clients your way for you to take care of them. . . Believe me; most affiliates never take ownership of what they are selling.
That means you keep ownership and continue to feed the clients funneled to you with extra care that may include free products, free advice or even first chance on the products you’re developing for the future. This is ownership! You are doing what other marketers in your niche are not doing. . . Product ownership is a huge key in dominating a niche and annihilating your niche markets so that it depends on you for the next great product or service.

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