The idea of niche marketing is not wide spread and many people have no clue what it is all about. It refers to a collection of individuals who have the same problem and need help to solve it. As a marketer, your duty is to find a product that will help fulfill the needs of the customers. In order to excel at niche marketing, identify the target audience or a group of individuals who are in need of what you have to offer. Once you have done that, specialize on it by making it narrow. Then, identify what they all have in common and how you can help them in terms of providing a product that suits their needs and is within the budget. Micro niche marketing targets at a specific market as opposed to multiple markets at the same time. The major advantages of micro niche marketing are:It is credible : When you have become a professional in a particular field, the customers will have faith in you and your products and services. Working with a particular group of people gives you an advantage over the rest because your product is unique. Once you are experienced, strong relationships are made with the customers and this in turn means more profits for you. Customers are always more willing to pay more money for a professional job than for a product or service that is directed to everyone.Eliminating any competition : You stave off competition by practically owning the market. Given that you?re an expert in a particular field, you are sure to build the confidence and trust of the market. This is where the narrowing down when choosing your market comes into play as you choose the area in which there is little or no competition, and work on that with total dedication. A competitor will find it hard to beat you in your own game. However, even though the niche should be small, it should be able to accommodate a sizeable client base.Greater returns : The best part of specializing is that you can charge high fees for services rendered. This is because you offer more specific information, products or even services. The target market will always be willing to pay more for services rendered since they know you are an expert. Take into consideration the size of your niche and its requirements. Once you specialize on one area and perfect it, you will be able to be well aware of what your target market requires and provide for them.

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