by Brian Armstrong
Establishing your business online today is so much easier than it was 10 years ago. Web hosting is very affordable and getting your website up and running using the tools that most web hosting companies provide is equally as easy.

Most hosting companies offer most space than you could probably ever use unless you’re hosting some serious video content. Several web hosting companies now offer “unlimited” space. Obviously trying to test the upper limits of this supposed “unlimited” disk space would require some serious uploading and bandwidth. Not enough disk space will most likely be the least of your worries, even if you are hosting extensive video content.

Another component that may influence your decision on what web hosting company to go with is the amount of bandwidth that they will allocate for you. If you stream a lot of video or people are downloading large files from your web server, this may be a problem. However, if you consider that most web hosts give you several terabytes of bandwidth, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Customer support is only important when you need it. So, if you consider yourself a techie to the point you’d be able to take care of your own server or account and things that go along with it, you may not need support. However, if you do need support, you’ll want to setup with a company that has great support. You’ll be glad you did.

The control panel that you’ll use to manage your account should be web based so you can access it from anywhere. The most common control panel that I’ve seen recently is called cpanel. This allows you to configure all of your email addresses, directories, domain names, software, ftp access, etc. Basically anything you’d need to do on the web hosting account you’ll be able to do from a central location, your cpanel.

Most web hosting companies include a free domain name. If you’re hosting several different projects, make sure you register your primary domain as the one that you want to be your login. You can also transfer a domain that you already own. I usually recommend getting a free domain with the process instead of just using an existing domain, but that’s up to you.

Affordable web hosting companies should offer through the cpanel several software options for installing software on the websites you plan on hosting. For instance, some of these software options include a blog, content management system, ecommerce shopping cart, web-based email access, forum or bulletin board system, and a few other options for what type of website you’d like to have. Keep in mind that you aren’t limited with what you can install. For instance, your website may have not only a blog, but also the ability of that blog to redirect visitors to the main online store (ecommerce). You could also implement or integrate a forum into the same websites.

Getting setup with affordable web hosting has never been easier. This is a project that you can undertake quickly and easily. One recommendation I have is to not overanalyze these web hosting companies too much. I’d visit some web hosting forums and see what real people recommend.

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In addition to writing articles similar to this one, I also promote affordable web hosting and bluehost coupon. I have started podcasting again. You can find me by searching for Brian Armstrong in iTunes.

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