My name is Steve Mackay.

I am an Electronic Engineer by profession designing and developing large and small electronic products for aero-space, commercial, industrial, medical and pertro-chem applications for many years. Part of my development work has involved designing computers together with the firmware and software that makes them work. Despite these skills I have found it frustrating working with the many software tools needed to set up and run a website. So I can really sympathise with people who battle to get things working without the benefits my background has provided.

I’ve also set up and managed multi-million £ and $ businesses, with offices in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium and Holland, importing electrical goods from the far east, then reselling through distributors and dealers world-wide. So I’ve plenty of experience dealing with all aspects of moving goods into and out of the EU – with detailed knowledge of all the tedious official paperwork that needs to be processed, as well as the pitfalls and costs of making mistakes! So drop me a line if you would like a few pointers about what to do and not do. 

Now I’m starting out on-line and have been ovewhelmed at the enormous range of ‘free’ information available – and amazed that nothing relates to any serious business plans!!!

The fact that 9 out of 10 internet businesses are reportedly not making a profit shows how true the old business saying is: ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’ 

What is clear is that the likes of Google, Paypal and eBay have managed to set up business models that are all close seconds to the taxman in taking your money before you get to make any profit. Then of course there are costs for the never ending training needed to keep up with the latest fads. So it’s going to be a real challenge to see how much I can end up keeping for myself. Hope you will let me know your views about starting an on-line business – especially if you are in the process of or have just started out. I’d really like to read true stories, separated from all of the sales hype.

Whatever you do, enjoy and keep smiling.


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