As the recession tightens it’s grip on the Nation’s psyche and pocketbooks there is one heck of a lot of folks out there asking themselves, “Can I Make a Little Extra Money On The Internet?”.
Maybe you still have your job. Maybe you are worried about your job. Maybe the bills are getting out of hand. Perhaps you are OK and just want to improve things.
Well, I always said that “Nothing Handles Money Problems Like Cash!”
This article is directed at folks who know almost nothing about making money online as well as those people who have more skills and are ready to settle down into marketing (sales).
There are thousands of ways to Making Money Online…
I have found that there are two “regular Joe” type earnings opportunities available that really just require time put in. You put in the work – you get paid. And the pay can be quite good. Plus you can work at home.
One is called “fulfillment” and the other is the old standard “Get Paid to Take Surveys”. Yes it’s real and gets bigger every day. You can have a look at this option in a few minutes.
Earning $200 to $500 and up to $2500 is not unusual in these categories of online business.
The Way Most Folks Make Their Money Online…
The way most people make their money on the internet is through one form of sales or another. For you who are interested to get into it, it takes is a tried and proven method. That, and the work of you actually learning it.
Finding your way through the marketing maze to a method that’s right for you is a little hazardous. An awful lot of the people who are supposedly showing you “the way” are really dumping an Ebook and a couple of charts in your lap for $29 to $97 and immediately looking for their next customer.
But there are a number of really great online marketers, on the job right now, that consider it their pleasure to show you exactly how they did it for themselves. The trick here is to pick the program that is right for you.
There are the marketers who are very successful, high end purveyors of marketing methods, that sometimes cost a LOT to learn and a LOT to maintain. Still, for the right person (quite a bit of experience) they are perfect. And they can make a LOT of MONEY!
And then there are the online marketers who show exactly how they did it, how you can too, and the method is rarely much money and some of it free.
Usually, you don’t have to know too much technical stuff to get started this way and it becomes a learn as you prepare to earn plan.
A Proven Model For Earning Tons Of Money Online…
The most popular method of Internet Marketing is what is referred to as the “Affiliate Model”. This is almost too simple to be true, is easy to learn, but, if you don’t do it just right…it doesn’t work. Like so many things.
Here is a VERY distilled version of making money online.
Offer + Buyers = Sales (money)
Here’s the short version of Affiliate Marketing. An Online Marketer has a good product (offer) all ready to sell. He provides everything you need to get it sold.
Your job is to get people to see the offer. When they buy it you get a commission (often quite a nice amount) for your efforts.
This doesn’t have to be complicated. What you need is for someone to show you how to drive targeted traffic to a sales page and there is a dozen ways to do that.
As an affiliate salesperson your job is to show the right people the right offer and let them buy it. In this business everything and everyone is pretty much involved in moving traffic (people) to an offer. Think of yourself as a “Traffic Broker”.
Get Started Quicker And See Money Quicker.
But don’t flip around from one thing to another looking for a better way. The best way is the way you know. They all work. Some are better than most others and that is what I concentrate on – the “Quality Units”.
The fastest way to earnings in Internet Marketing is to get good at getting traffic to go to an offer page (that’s what I’m doing right now) to facilitate the sale of a product that will do the customer some good.
As folks that market (sell) online marketing guides and plans we are going to show you what we have found to be the best ways to go.
Personally, I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.
I have literally done all of the sorting out for you. I’ve seen what works and what is not so hot. Now you don’t have to examine all the endless possibilities and you can get a clean start, like so many don’t!
If you want to earn money during a recession, and certainly after one too, then take a poke at the links below and have at it!

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