They may not be one of your major interests or hobbies, but I guarantee that you’ll develop an interest when you discover how much money is available in a specific market.Expand your range of niche topics to research. I think I’m like most out there, if there’s money to made in any market, I can get interested in it pretty quick…without to much trouble.If you’re having trouble trying to find some ideas, or where to find some ideas, I’ve put together this report in hopes that it will show you some different places and ways to find lucrative niche markets.1) Read the newspaper – either online or offline, scan through local and national newspapers to gather some ideas. Look for common questions or topics being reported on. Find one that seems to have a lot of interest, and questions being asked, and away you go.2) Look on forums – Google any topic like ‘your topic + forums’ and see what pops up. Visit the different forums and see what people are talking about. See what questions they’re asking…and if they’re getting any answers, and what answers they’re getting. Give them the answers they’re seeking, or provide them with better answers, and you’ve found a possible niche market.3) Look on YouTube – search around the video site and see what is being viewed. The beauty is, you can see exactly how many times each video has been watched. You can instantly gauge how popular that particular topic is. YouTube is great because videos can become so viral, with people sharing them around the world at light speed. There are a ton of great ideas you can get using YouTube.4) Visit – you can search the books, software, magazines etc. You can find tons of different ideas, on all sorts of subjects that you may not have ever thought of. You can instantly see how popular different books and software products are on Amazon, simply by looking at their ‘Amazon sales rating.’5) Look in ClickBank Market Place – You can search around ClickBank to find hot niche markets. You can see how popular a particular item is by the ‘gravity’ ranking. The higher the ‘gravity’ the more popular the item. You can even find products to sell in almost any niche market out there. Be sure to research your market before jumping right in. For instance…if you see a product with and incredible ‘gravity’ 300-400, there may be to many people promoting, and it may cost you a fortune to enter that market. Besides that, you’ll find hundreds of different ideas to investigate further.6) Look on eBay – you can easily see thousands of products and services that people are selling, and people are willing to pay for. Do some targeted searches, and focus in on some targeted areas.7) Google it – use the biggest market research viability tool out there. Type in some common questions, or just type portions of questions, like the examples below. Your results will turn up thousands of potential topics, in a wide variety of areasWhen doing your niche market research, always do it as though you were looking for the answers yourself. Some examples that you can just fill in the blanks……………- How to…………….- Save time…………….- Save money…………- Find…………..- Review on………..- Unique or rare…………..- Proven methods to……………….- Step by step system for……………….- Build a …………………..These are just a small sample of different ways that you find some ideas for your very own niche market. Always keep an open mind when doing you research because you never know where that, crazy, previously unthinkable little niche market may come from.Once you’ve decided to open your mind, and start looking for a niche market to enter, you’ll be amazed at how many your mind will come up with. Like any training or exercise, the more times you repeat this process, the easier, faster, and more focused it will become. Anytime you research any possible niche market, be sure to do your best research on the: keyword search counts, the competitors in that market, possible products or services to offer (that may not be offered today). Even if there are products or services in your chosen market, one easy way is to make improvements to them. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel…just offer better solutions to their problems.

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