Niche marketing is so important to big business that without a well defined customer base or customer segmantation a business is sure to fail within the first year. Niche marketing has been important for years in the offline world. Business people who recognize the importance of niche marketing have made a name for themselves in the online world as well.

Niche marketing is getting and keeping in touch with a tightly defined group of people with the same hopes, dreams, desires, or problems. People come online for one primary purposeā€¦information! The Internet is the information highway. You can only have a piece of the pie if you can define your piece of the pie.

Here are the five top reasons that your MUST define your business and market as tightly as possible.

1.Your sales and lead conversion rate increase dramatically when you are speaking directly to the people who are interested in your product. Customers will not wade through extraneous information to find what they want. Too much information and you’ll lose your buyer.

2.When people search for information they want what they want, not what you want to give them. Again, too much information and customers will click away. You must interest your customer in your site within the first 3-5 seconds. If you don’t convince them that you have what they want within that time they will click away.

3.The content of any follow up should be tight, concise and targeted directly to your customer. Writing content for customers who have a clear vision of their wants, needs, desires and problems increases the number of times your content is read. In order to develop a relationship with your customers they must read your material. If your material holds no interest they will either delete or unsubscribe. Either option does nothing for your bottom line.

4.Product creation is easier when you know exactly who is buying. Products should always answer the current questions of your audience and when you have access to them you can ask questions. You can find out what their burning problems are and create the product they want. In essence you will give the customer what they want and decrease the resistance to a sale.

5.Writing the sales letter for products becomes easier when you are speaking to a specific audience. A trick many copywriters use is to imagine that you are speaking to one individual customer seated directly across from you. If you don’t have a clear vision of the customer’s desires then you have no idea how to address them. You will get sidetracked, add details that don’t interest the customer, and consequently lose their interest and the sale.

There are marketers who ignore this first step. They create a product and they fail because they don’t have a customer base. Don’t be one of them. Take this extra step and be sure to tightly define your market.

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