The most common question i get asked is ” Can i really make an income online?” Well, the answer is yes, a big fat yes! In this article i will reveal the best ways to create a recession- Proof Online business.
People around the world are now more than ever searching for a solution to acquire an extra income. With the Global economy the way it is, and many many people loosing their jobs, an extra income to help pay the bills will go a long way for the average joe.Whether your wanting a few hundred dollars a week, or a few thousand dollars.
I know what your thinking, How on earth im i supposed to make an extra few thousand dollars a week? Well, Im going to show you Free tips on how to do this:
The term Blog/Blogging actually means “Web Log” which is a site with frequently updated posts/content. There are a few ways to make money Online with blogging, once you set up a blog, you can use add networks which display relevant adds to the content of your site, for example Google Adsense. When someone clicks on the add, you get paid, depending on the method you choose e.g CPC ( Cost Per Click ) or CPM ( Cost Per Method )
And remember this is totally FREE to set up.
Affiliate Marketing has a lot of advantages, you are basically selling someone elses product. Many companies use Affiliates to help drive sales, as it has become a far more cost effective way of promoting. This is good because you dont need worry about the hassles of selling your own product.
Creating your own product to sell on the internet can be a great money maker, you can sell PDF reports such as e-books/ audios/ videos/ cd’s to name a few, This can be quite time consuming to setup a really good website and all but all in all does work well.
On the internet, there are a variety of companies that will give you money in exchange for doing surveys. If you’re shrewd, it’s possible to make a nice income from filling in surveys from home.The trick here is to sign up for surveys for multiple companies therefore adding a nice trickle of income.Some survey companies are good and you can make a profit, but there are also a large number of scammers out there so you need to be careful.
Pay Per Click is an online advertising program where marketers and advertisers bid on keywords. Those keywords are the words or key phrases used by the search engine users to search for the stuff they need on the web. . The highest bidder of the particular keyword captures the Top 1 position in the sponsored listing of the search engine that manages PPC and followed by the next highest bidders down to the lowest bidders. This method costs money to make money and does involve a bit of skill to master.
You would use PPC for adverting your product or business, for example if you had a pizza business and you wanted to promote it, this would be the way to do it. If i wanted to find out the best pizzas, i could go to google and type in ” best pizzas” and your add would show up in the sponsored links . This is a very basic example and there is obviously a lot more involved depending on how much you pay for each keyword.
To Your Success! Ben.

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