Although you will not hear this very often, niche marketing research is the most important thing you can do before you launch your next money-making affiliate campaign. Certainly, you will enjoy the rare oddity of a great business opportunity almost literally falling into your lap, but you cannot predicate your entire financial future on luck, good or bad. Truth be told, you will have to roll up your sleeves and do some real niche marketing research in order to enjoy continuous success as an Internet Marketer.
Perhaps one of the reasons for the lack of forthrightness on the part of some marketers is the sheer volume of work involved in finding and exploiting profitable niches online. If you know something involves a lot of work, you may be less inclined to do it. By niche marketing, I mean that smaller section of a larger market for goods and services that lends itself to the following factors: People are spending money in that sector, and the market is not too crowded by other vendors or affiliates who are sell to that market. A good example of a niche would be “dog training schools in Britain” as compared to “dog training”.
Obviously, the smaller the niche, the fewer purchases will be made by the people who need the product or service, and so is the number of people selling in that market. Therein lies your opportunity. I am not telling you all of this to discourage you. Rather I am trying to inject some pragmatism into an often-overlooked, hyped-up process. In order to find and exploit the many potentially lucrative niches that are available online, here are 3 pillars that you must build on when you are doing niche marketing research. They should always be your foundation for any future online marketing venture.
1. Look for a Proven Market for the Service or Product. Before you spend money trying to sell in any niche, you have to be certain that people are buying the product or services available. This is usually found from research companies, or from vendors who keep records. Click bank for example has a benchmark that will tell you how well a product is selling. The higher the gravity of a product, the more units of that product have been sold. If you are going to sell a ClickBank product, you should at least make sure that Click bank’s gravity score for that product is reasonably good.
2. Make sure the market is willing to pay the price of the product. A good niche research program will give you vital information about a niche that many marketers will never take the time to uncover for themselves. You will want to make sure that the market that exists for your product is willing to spend money to purchase what you are selling. Niche marketing research in this area may be difficult to do, but you can find this kind of information in places like Forrester Research, eBay, Amazon, Google, and many others.
If the vendor you are thinking of representing is of good repute, you may even look at their data for sales of this product. This should include specifics such as how much people are willing to pay for the product.
3. Find and use the best keywords for your products. Keywords are the currency of online marketing research. In affiliate marketing, success in business is all about having the right keywords. Your potential customers will be using keywords to find your products, and your affiliate managers will be using keywords to find you. Merchants are constantly looking for the best keywords to sell their products. If you follow the keywords, they are going to lead you to the money. It happens all the time.
Now, if you thought that proper niche marketing research only involved finding appropriate long-tailed keywords, think again. The thoroughness of your niche market research will pay off in big earnings for many months and years to come. Marketers, who have the budget, and staff, will have many more options to round out their knowledge of a niche before they start selling. Other options include finding good copy writers, web designers, auto-responders, and more. Savvy researchers realize that the value in what they eventually offer to the public will go into their product long before their websites are live. It is like an iceberg. The largest portion of it is always unseen by the public.
The question you are probably asking at this point is “Good Lord, how do you expect me to do all that”? It is a reasonable one. Thankfully, we have a rising cadre of very savvy marketers who understand the value of proper niche marketing research, and are willing to invest in it for the discerning few affiliates who are willing to use this service. I am of the firm opinion that you can find anything you want online. Good niche marketing research tools and services are not except either.

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