DealDotCom has officially launched on 18 Sept 07. When I first saw this website, I am amazed because these guys are damn smart! So what is DealDotCom and how you can make money online with it?

DealDotCom is a place where you can find all the internet marketing products at a very low price. It’s a great place to visit as it can save you time and money when it comes to running your online business.

There are 2 ways you can make money online with DealDotCom:

1) Become a DealDotCom affiliate

All you need to do is to sign up with DealDotCom and you will be given a special link where you can refer other people to sign up under you. When these people purchase the product, you get paid. Not only that, DealDotCom has 2 tier affiliate programs, so not only will you get paid for purchases that your friend makes, but you’ll also get paid for purchases that their friends make.

2) Market your products or services through DealDotCom

If you have a quality products or services related to Internet Marketing, you can market it through DealDotCom. You can submit your products for review for possible inclusion, you will get the answer within 48 hours. Once it’s being approved, DealDotComm will sell your product for you by featuring it on their home page.

Although DealDotCom has just started but the site has successful gained certain level of exposure. Thanks to those internet marketers and bloggers spreading the word during the pre-launch stage of DealDotCom.

If you can get your product features at the home page now, most probably you will experience a boost of sales.

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