One way to make money on the Internet today is to combine niche marketing with blogging. This is not a get rich quick way to make money, but rather a long term approach to creating an ongoing income doing something you enjoy.
Today many people have blogs the internet. There are millions of blogs online with a new one started just about every second of the day.
Niche marketing is where where you take a broad theme and narrow it down to something more targeted. For example sports is a broad theme whereas golf is a niche within the sports theme. You could even narrow it down more and target how to be a better putter as a very narrow niche.
One thing nice about combining niche marketing with blogging with is you can make money writing about things you enjoy. If you have something you are interested in, or even have a passion for, you can probably create an income from it.
One way to do this is to create a blog and start putting massive amounts of content in it. Do not fill it up with private label rights articles, but rather write your own content. Take the time to put unique thoughts down in your blog.
This is also the time to start making your blog lively with videos pictures, graphics, and things to make it seem like an interesting blog. You do not even need to worry about how you are making money exactly at this point.
Targeting a market where people are shopping and getting high traffic is a good long term strategy. Then sell advertising to businesses and corporations on it.
This is going to be a major income stream for quality blogs in the future. As television, radio, and newspaper advertising continue to be expensive businesses will be looking for alternative ways to reach their target audience.
This is an excellent chance for you to make money selling advertising on it in the future and to have fun with your blog. You certainly can monetize it right now with affiliate programs such as Google Adsense, or ClickBank digital information products as well if you like.
The key here is to start a blog in a niche that you have an interest in. Then add massive amounts of internetsting unique content, and find ways to make money with it.

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